CUBED is a new Bristol based 3D visualisation company, specialising in Architectural imagery and animation. Set up in April 2012 by Chris Le Petit, CUBED is committed to producing the highest quality computer generated images and animations for our clients, enhancing their designs and helping them through the design, planning and marketing stages of their projects.

Chris has 9 years experience working as a senior 3D visualiser in an Architects practice, where he has developed his skills. Working closely with the Architect throughout the design process has helped him understand their needs at every stage of the process.

Being aware that changes will be made, we try to work closely with our clients making the necessary modifications to produce the most accurate models and images possible.

From the basic sketch image to the high quality CGI's and animations. CUBED pride themselves on creating accurate models finished to a high standard, whilst working to tight schedules and making it affordable to the client.

Some would say that being affordable is the most important. We believe it is the quality of work and client satisfaction. The fact that we are affordable as well is a bonus.